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A little bit of something for everyone, I hope!
I don’t only talk buying and selling, but give community and lifestyle tips too! One of my favourite things to discuss is home decor and design trends.

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Irrevocability in Real Estate - Lara Stasiw Real Estate

How Long Is An Offer Valid For In Real Estat...

Jun 09, 2020
Offers aren't indefinite. You aren't waiting to hear yes or no and stuck bound to the contract you signed. Wheth [more]
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Lara Stasiw Real Estate Mother's Day Blog

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Local Sma...

Apr 28, 2020
Mother's Day is going to look a little different this year for everyone. It might not be as simple as making dinner [more]
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5 ways to stay sane during covic19 lara Stasiw real estate blog

5 Ways To Stay Sane During COVID-19

Apr 08, 2020
You might think you’re fine; you also might be fine. But the affects of COVID-19 could mean there’s a long road ahe [more]
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Lara Stasiw real estate blog west toronto clauses to use during covid19

Clauses To Use During COVID-19

Apr 06, 2020
We’re in unchartered territory. We don’t know what’s ahead. We also don’t know how long this “new normal” will last [more]
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Lara Stasiw Real Estate Virtual Tours and COVID19

Virtual Tours and COVID-19

Apr 02, 2020
Times are weird and hard. No one quite knows how to navigate things day to day. No one quite knows what’s ahead. Th [more]
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Annual General Meetings Lara Stasiw Real Estate Blog

Annual General Meetings: Why They Are Import...

Feb 13, 2020
For the first 4 years I owned a condo I not only didn’t go to my Annual General Meeting (AGM), I didn’t even read t [more]
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Types of real estate buyers Lara Stasiw West Toronto real estate blog

Types of Real Estate Buyers

Feb 04, 2020
If you’re getting ready to cruise the market and find a new home, a good first step is knowing the types of real es [more]
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2020 Design trends worth the investment Lara Stasiw real estate blog

2020 Design Trends Worth The Investment

Jan 30, 2020
Last weekend was the Interior Design Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I do my best to go every year for [more]
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Condo demolition things to consider lara Stasiw west toronto real estate

Condo Demolition: Things To Consider

Jan 09, 2020
Whether it’s changing out a vanity, replacing your floors or an entire gut job, demolition is the first step. There [more]
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2020 Ontario rental increase rates Lara Stasiw west Toronto real estate

2020 Ontario Rental Increase Rates

Jan 03, 2020
Often when I meet new clients looking to rent, one one of the first things they mention is wanting a property with [more]
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