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Posted by Lara Stasiw on January 30, 2020
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2020 Design Trends Worth The Investment

2020 Design trends worth the investment Lara Stasiw real estate blog

Last weekend was the Interior Design Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I do my best to go every year for insight on new trends. It’s also a great way to get design & renovation inspiration so I have all the tips & resources to help my clients

This year I had the pleasure of listening to Brian Gluckstein & Lynda Reeves speak. Not only did they provide valuable styling tips, they outlined major trends for 2020. But how do you know which 2020 design trends are financially worth it?

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on trending interior design, especially when renovating. I’m going to take you through some of the 2020 design trends from this years’ IDS, but on a budget.

1. Paint

Always a great investment! Paint doesn’t cost a lot but makes a space look fresh & new. If you’re going to paint yourself, make sure you take your time. Nothing says ‘short cut’ like a bad paint job. Take down light fixtures & outlet panels to paint around them. Make sure no paint drips & ALWAYS use painter’s tape for edges!

2020 Design Trend

Painted Ceilings! Love it or hate it this is a trend that is slowly coming back in. Some decide to paint the ceiling a lighter or darker shade of the walls, others go bold with a different colour. Raised ceilings emphasize this trend best.

2. Wood Detailing

Coffered ceilings, shiplap, tongue and groove, wainscoting and other home panelling. If done right, any of these options can add a bit of depth to an otherwise boring space! It is a design element that is usually well received, creating a homey feel.

2020 Design Trend

Paneling. A bit of a splurge but panel details add a layer of luxury and comfort. Add paneling to a bedroom, living room or even washroom!

2020 Design trends worth the investment Lara Stasiw real estate blog

3. Lighting

Light fixtures and the type of lighting in a space can make a huge impact. Old fixtures might not be the first thing you notice, but they play into a person’s mentality when feeling a space needs an upgrade. It can be used as a focal point in a room to draw attention and style. Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, you just might have to do some research! The type of lighting matters – LEDs and dimmers make all the difference!

2020 Design Trend

Surface Mounted Lighting. Gone are the days of wires hanging in your face and visually occupying a large part of the space. Whether it’s recessed lighting, strip lighting, or small surface fixtures, surface mounted lighting is becoming huge. The more lighting and brighter a space the better.

4. Staircases

Often a staircase is the first impression of a home when you walk through the front door. Having a dated, old staircase that blends into a space can make the whole house feel run down. Upgrading your staircase doesn’t have to be expensive. A new coat of paint or simple sisal carpeting can bring a whole new feel.

2020 Design Trend

A Fabulous Railing. Save on the paint and carpet, splurge on the railing! Wrought iron modern and glass railings are trending, especially in an open concept space!

2020 Design trends worth the investment Lara Stasiw real estate blog

5. Bathrooms

Bathroom and kitchens are known to be the two spaces with the greatest return on renovation investment. Updating your bathrooms can add up quickly, but they are worth putting money into. Nothing is worse than a beautifully renovated home with grungy bathrooms. It makes a renovation feel incomplete.

2020 Design Trend

Furniture In The Bathroom. Vintage cabinet turned vanity is a trend that isn’t going anywhere! This doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you already have a vintage piece you don’t know what to do with. Have it refinished or take on the challenge yourself. Add in the plumbing and you’re good to go!

6. Tiling

Old or grimy tiles immediately makes a space feel like it has seen better days. Whether it’s a bathroom tile or backsplash, overspending on tiling is an easy thing to do. Tiling doesn’t have to be fancy or intricate! There is nothing wrong with a simple subway tile if it means creating a fresh, clean space.

2020 Design Trend

Square Tiles. Ceramic or porcelain, tumbled or smooth. Square tiles are a trend that is coming back strong! I don’t mean those tiny glass tiles, I mean the kind that will make your bathroom look like a crossword puzzle. White tiles with dark grout. Be creative in your layering and patterning!

2020 Design trends worth the investment Lara Stasiw real estate blog

Styling a space is fun, but living in it is the best part! Don’t save your projects for when you move. Too often I hear my clients tell me how they are only starting their design to do list to prepare to list. Once I’ve staged, they don’t want to leave at all!

Spend the time to enjoy where you live and make your house your home. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading through these 2020 design trends!

Lara Stasiw • Real Estate Agent & Home Design Connoisseur

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