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Posted by Lara Stasiw on October 17, 2019
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5 Easy Halloween Decorations


With Halloween only 2 week away you might be like me – totally unprepared. Some people go all out with haunted houses in their garages. Other people buy a pumpkin and some candy on their lunch break on the 31st in a last effort to make the day come alive. If you want it to seem like you’ve put a little bit more effort into the holiday without spending a whole day crafting or out shopping, then keep reading!

Man In The Window

Paint a piece of cardboard black or buy black poster board from the dollar store. Draw an outline of a man, woman, witch (or whatever your heart desires!). Cut it out, then tape it to one of your front windows. Make sure your new friend is positioned as though they are standing and keeping watch.

When you want to creep out the neighbourhood, have a light on in that room so your new friend is back-lit!

Floating Witch Hats

Buy a few cheap witch hats then tie a string to the tip of the hat. Use tape or command strips to secure them above guests’ heads in an entrance way! This works best if you have a covered entry way. If you don’t, use your foyer! Have them floating above your head when you open the door for trick-or-treaters.

Bring Your Door To Life

Make giant eye balls out of cardstock and glue them to your front door. Easy as that! Cut out white circles for the eye balls and black smaller circles for the pupils. You can add eye lids or eyelashes if you’re feeling crafty and creative!

Spooky Branches

Live on a wooded lot or near a park? Go for a walk and find some tall branches or sticks. Stick them in the tops of pumpkins so they stand upright. You can border your walkway or entrance for next to nothing! To go all out spray paint them black & hang a few bats.


Pumpkin Plans

No time to carve? Don’t want to get dirty? No problem!

Make your own pumpkin patch. This might not be the most cost effective idea but it would definitely catch attention! Fill your entryway with tons of pumpkins in different shapes, colours and sizes. You might even get a workout in putting them all in place or get to enjoy some post-Halloween pumpkin pie.

Another option are wooden face pegs and other accessories to stick into your pumpkin. If you can’t find any, you can always buy a bag of black plastic spiders from the dollar store then glue them all over instead!

You could also do a swarm of bees and even have the swarm continue up your outside wall! Quick DIY that doesn’t take a lot of time, planning (or skill!).

Another pumpkin idea is to mummify it! Wrap the pumpkin in white cloths or a sheet, then leave a space for some eyes (permanent markers work great!) and add a few bloody details if you’re feeling it.

Happy Halloween Haunting!

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