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Posted by Lara Stasiw on August 10, 2019
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5 Scandinavian Design Trends


The design principles that define Scandinavian design are centred around functional minimalism.

White bare walls, natural tones and lighting, modern furniture, cozy textiles and an airy feel are all characteristic of this style. It is a complete “less is more” approach, ensuring every aspect serves a purpose and creates a serene living space.

1. Large House Plants

Scandinavian design doesn’t involve much colour. If you’re looking to brighten up a space, greenery offers a natural, earthy element without compromising the neutral, monochromatic palette. Singular, large house plants are a very common design focal.


2. Textiles

Earthy tones with lots of texture or geometric print patterns! Wool, sheepskin, mohair – anything fluffy and dynamic. There are few decor details needed in Scandinavian design, but throw blankets and statement pillows are definitely on the list.

Throw a sheepskin rug over an ottoman or accent chair and you’re halfway there!


3. Storage As Decor

Instead of hiding your shoe rack or storage basket, use it as an element of your decor. Scandinavian design centres around functionality; using storage as decor is a huge aspect of achieving this goal. 


Garment racks (with neatly arranged clothing of course…) or floating kitchen shelves (with neatly stacked dishes…) are two other common ways to achieve storage as decor.


4. Light Wood Accents

Keeping in line with the natural feel, light wooden furniture and accents are a huge principle element of Scandinavian design and decor. Whether it is a full dresser or just a few picture frames, if you’re going for Scandinavian, you’ll need to add light wood in somewhere!


5. Monochromatic Art

Less is more in art and decor. Neutral toned abstract pieces and line art are very common in Scandinavian design. Geometric patterns also characterize this trend.

A Piece I Purchased From Sue McNenly Encaustic Artist

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