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Posted by Lara Stasiw on June 26, 2019
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7 Etobicoke Brunch Spots


When I think brunch in Toronto, I think downtown Toronto. As someone from Etobicoke… who definitely likes to brunch on a sunny Sunday… I have done some digging for closer options!

And yes, there ARE options!

1. Yellow Cup Cafe

Yellow Cup Cafe • Dundas & The East Mall • 225 The East Mall, Unit 1

I’m starting strong here. This one MIGHT just be my personal favourite. Yellow Cup’s menu boasts tons of breakfast, brunch and lunch items – none of which have failed me! My go to is their breakfast crepe (it’s delicious – trust me). They also have many drink options, both hot and cold, as well as desserts!

On top of all that they have great ambiance, with lots of tables indoors & an outdoor patio for summer months.

Etobicoke brunch spots lara Stasiw west toronto real estate yellow cup cafe

2. The Good Fork

The Good Fork • Jane & Bloor • 2432 Bloor St W


*UPDATE: The Good Fork has moved further downtown – not an Etobicoke staple anymore but still DELICIOUS!

When you think Etobicoke brunch, you think Good Fork (and you prepare yourself for the inevitable line up that comes with it!) Not only do they have lots on their menu, they also have yummy cocktails to choose from!

Never a bad experience at this staple spot. Great place for great food. Also a perfect spot if you’re meeting friends coming from downtown or the East Toronto because it’s on the subway line!

3. Creme De La Creme

Creme De La Creme Cafe • Bloor & Royal York • 2991 Bloor St W

I have been going to Creme De La Creme since I can remember. It’s my go to spot with my grandma after Sunday Mass; it’s also an easy choice when I am craving delicious hash browns and poached eggs (can’t seem to make them myself no matter how hard I try…).

They have both breakfast and lunch menus and make a great hot chocolate!

Etobicoke brunch spots lara Stasiw west toronto real estate creme de la creme
Etobicoke brunch spots lara Stasiw west toronto real estate creme de la creme

4. Campo

Campo • Jane & Annette • 244 Jane St

I ended up googling local brunch spots and found Campo one day when the lineup was too long at The Good Fork. I WAS SO HAPPY! Who knew this little gem was just a short walk up Jane?

Their restaurant is filled with character, great service, delicious food that will have you savouring every bite and possibly the best cappuccino’s in the West End.

The only downfall is their hours are few and far between, hitting peak brunch hours and a few dinner slots. I suggest checking their website before you to go to make sure you don’t end up sad like I have a few times pulling up to a dark storefront!

5. Beaumont Kitchen

Beaumont Kitchen • Sherway Gardens • 25 The West Mall, Saks Fifth Avenue

Shop and Brunch! This hidden spot is tucked away in the corner of Saks Fifth Avenue in Sherway Gardens. It not only has yummy food, it also has the most gorgeous custom light fixture (off topic – but very important!)

Beaumont is a great spot for a nice Etobicoke brunch with the family. It has been our pick for a few family birthdays and even this past Father’s Day. Always a solid meal with food choices everyone can enjoy.

If you’re looking for cute cocktails to complete your instagram photo, Beaumont might not be the pick for you. But if you want a classy spot to grab a bite during a shopping spree, it’s perfect!

6. Artisano

Artisano Bakery Cafe • Islington & Norseman • 1020 Islington Ave

Artisano as a brunch spot might be a stretch… but they are just so good. As a cafe style restaurant, you order at the counter and seat yourself until the buzzer announces your food is ready for you to pick up. They have an array of daily soups you can pair with half a sandwich or a salad for the perfect lunch combo.

Free Wifi is an added bonus! The only catch is you have to buy something (the password is on the receipt – smart!).

Etobicoke brunch spots lara Stasiw west toronto real estate yellow cup cafe

7. Sunny Morning

Sunny Morning • The Queensway & The East Mall • 1602 The Queensway, Unit E

Happy Brunching!

If you have gone to any other Etobicoke brunch spots I’d love to hear about them so I can try them out and add them to my list!

When you think the original weekend breakfast restaurant, you think of a spot just like Sunny Morning. They’ve got all your classic breakfast staples like eggs, pancakes and even Belgian waffles.

With 2 locations open so far in the GTA, they will soon be opening 2 more! That means I can’t be the only one who enjoys their food…

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