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Posted by Lara Stasiw on June 6, 2019
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9 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

9 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas Lara Stasiw West Toronto real Estate Blog

Decorating and re-designing can be a very expensive venture, but it doesn’t have to be!

If you’re a design junkie like me, you are probably spending hours on Instagram and perusing stores to look at all the new trends at the start of every season. Especially with social media, inspiration is endless and it can be hard not to want to incorporate a few elements into your own home!

But how much can you really do that’s inexpensive when you’re on a budget? More than you think!

1. Make Your Own Mirrored Tray

Vintage mirrors are easy to find at antique shops or second hand stores like Value Village. They are also the perfect craft for the un-crafty!

All you need to do to create your own tray is find your perfect mirror, head to Michaels or Dollarama to buy some inexpensive felt and glue it to the bottom.

Voila! A perfect shabby chic dresser upgrade.

2. Paint Your Front Door

If you live in a condo or townhouse with strict rules, this one may not be for you. But for those in a house, changing up the colour of your front door can transform the look of your home and add great curb appeal! It also won’t break the bank. 

If you’re looking to add a little colour to your exterior style, you can go for trending colours like a mustard yellow or misty blue.

Benefit When Selling

The front door is the first thing potential buyers see when they come to view your property (besides landscaping). If you have a door with old, pealing paint, it gives the impression the home isn’t well maintained. I get it… you’re selling the house so you don’t want to spend loads of money on it.

A can of paint is inexpensive and goes a long way!

3. Install New Faucets

A new kitchen faucet can make the whole space feel new & fresh, especially if you do a lot of cooking. Maybe you’ve been eyeing one of those touch technology faucets, or one with a high arc spout but have been waiting until you re-do the whole kitchen.

How long have you been waiting?
Are you REALLY going to get to it next Spring?

Faucets are a perfect addition to make your life convenient and modernize a space that no longer inspires you. Even better, when you finally do get around to building that dream kitchen, the faucet doesn’t have to go!

Mixed Metals

Worried about wanting a brushed black finish when all your other hardware is a shiny nickel? Those who say all your hardware has to match is frankly put, dated.

As long as you have carried mixed metals throughout your home decor, you can do the same with hardware and plumbing!

What this means is when you fall in love with that luxe gold single handle bathroom faucet you saw on instagram, you don’t have to change every door handle in your home to justify buying the faucet for your powder room!

(I mean… if you have brushed nickel hardware on the vanity it might not work. Use your discretion with this one!)

4. Change Your Lamp Shades

Swap shades for an instant new look!

It’s easy to keep up to date on trends when you change elements of a larger item like just the shade on a versatile lamp base. And yes… that’s all you need to do!

Changing a lamp shade is surprisingly effective, especially if you have any darker shades.

It also doesn’t cost a lot which is a bonus!

9 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas Lara Stasiw West Toronto real Estate Blog

5. Re-Arrange Your Furniture

Okay, it doesn’t get less inexpensive than this! Sometimes all you need for a fresh look is a bit of perspective and some elbow grease (to move around that heavy couch until it’s just right). 

Small rooms may be limited in space. Others might have an obvious “ideal” furniture layout. That doesn’t mean more than one arrangement won’t work. Try it out!

If it doesn’t work, at least you’ve done your workout for the day!

6. Fancy House Numbers

New numbers add a fresh look to your exterior on a budget. 

If you’re selling your home and have an old weathered number (or if it’s hard to find or read!) you run the risk of creating a bad first impression for potential buyers. It’s worth it to make sure buyers’ opinions start strong!

It’s also a great face-lift for your exterior without going crazy painting all the brickwork or re-landscaping.

7. Re-Purpose Antiques

Found a beat up picture in an intricate wooden frame lying on the side of the road? Look no further. Maybe the art sucks, but the frame… is there potential? 

Grab some sandpaper, a brush and a can of paint. Replace the ugly old picture with a mirror and there you have it! A brand new shabby chic powder room mirror that no one can tell cost you under $20.

8. Dual Purpose Furniture

A great way to maximize space and efficiency as well as $$ is to buy pieces that can serve multiple purposes! 


Ottomans. If you buy a large, plush ottoman, not only is it comfortable to put your legs up, with a tray it can work as a coffee table too. Many ottomans have storage compartments for blankets or other household items and canbe used as additional seating for guests! 

9. Make Your Own Art

But you’re not an artist… so what! 

Lots of modern art is simplistic and easily replicated. You may not have the artistic eye to come up with a design on your own, but I challenge you to replicate something you’ve already seen and love. It isn’t as hard as you think!

Simple geometric designs are an easy place to start. If you really suck at painting or drawing (like me), then stay away from landscapes, people & realism. Stick to modern abstract and you’ll be set!

Another bonus making your own art is you can make it any size you need. Have a huge wall you don’t know how to fill? Is all the art you love in that size is over budget? That’s no longer a problem with this inexpensive solution!


This idea was inspired by one of my best friends Alicia. Despite neither of them being artists, her and her boyfriend Rob made this amazing piece! A fun process and a great story behind their perfect piece of art!

9 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas Lara Stasiw West Toronto real Estate Blog Make Your Own Art
9 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas Lara Stasiw West Toronto real Estate Blog Make Your Own Art
9 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas Lara Stasiw West Toronto real Estate Blog Make Your Own Art

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