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Posted by Lara Stasiw on October 10, 2019
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Button Your House For Fall


We are quickly wrapped up in the coziness of the season when it comes to fall. Often we forget there are things we should be taking care of before the winter, snow and EXTREME laziness hit!

You might want to sit on your couch with your new wool blanket and cup of tea. But you’ll thank me when you can rest peacefully during a snow storm knowing your “to do’s” are done.

Not everything on this list will apply to everyone. It might remind you to remind a friend or family member though!

Indoor Checks

Equipment To Consider
  • have your heating system serviced
  • change filter and pads in your furnace, humidifier
  • clean your dryer vents
Other Indoor Items
  • check weatherproofing on windows and doors
  • check your smoke and CO detectors – change batteries if needed

Outdoor Checks

Gutters, Roof and Chimney
  • check gutters (might need to do this one a few times as the leaves keep falling)
  • make sure your roof will hold up with the snow until Spring (if it’s an older roof)
  • have your chimney cleaned for all those cozy nights in by the fire
Outdoor Maintenance
  • close down the BBQ
  • close down the pool
  • clean and store outdoor furniture
  • clean gardening tools and maintenance items like the lawnmower
  • remove garden hoses
  • check your deck for repairs
  • freeze proof exterior faucets
Other Outdoor Items
  • check operation of garage door
  • remove items like paint that can freeze if left in the garage
  • replace burnt bulbs to avoid having to in the dead of winter
  • bring in plants that won’t last the winter months
Seasonal Preparation
  • put up Christmas lights before the cold hits!
  • make sure you have a shovel, snow melt and salt

Make sure you take some time to relax after you’ve completed everything! This list is far from all encompassing, but will hopefully be a starting point for your fall cleanup and preparation. I’d love to hear your additions in the comments!

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