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Preparing a property to list is only step 1. HOW your property presents to the public is just as important. From online presence to small details for showings. It. All. Matters. A Lot.

  • Professional Photography

    I always hire a professional photographer – even for lease listings. iPhone photography just doesn’t cut it. 

    Online presence is vital. Having a great space without showing it to the world doesn’t do anything!

  • Interactive 3D Virtual Tour

    I’ve sold properties strictly off of these tours without the buyer stepping foot inside. The Matterport system even has a dollhouse feature showing a cross-section of the property and allows you to take measurements.

  • Property Video

    This isn’t just a walkthrough slideshow of photos but a full custom curated video made with a gimbo and even a drone (if the property calls for it!). And I promise I don’t pick lazy elevator music!

  • Floor Plans

    There’s nothing worse than looking at property photos and being confused by the layout. Sometimes that 2D visual is what someone needs to put everything into perspective.

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