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That doesn’t happen by simply pulling out the vacuum, snapping some photos and throwing a property on MLS.
Creating home for buyers is a process.

Home Improvement • Home Staging • Small Details

Only a few of the necessities involved in preparing your home for the market. I’m strict and picky; but it pays off.

What's Involved In Pre-List Home Improvements?

New light fixtures, new kitchen hardware, fresh neutral paint – the list goes on. Every property has different requirements to make it ‘list ready.’ I always conduct a pre-list inspection and walk through after which I provide a home improvement suggestion list.

It’s ultimately up to you what you want to complete on the list. The more you’re able to do, the better the property will present both online and for in person showings.

With a background in the construction industry and a family HVAC business, I’m well connected in home improvement and repair specialists if you’re in need of recommendations!

Does Home Staging Really Make A Difference?

How your property looks online is half the battle. Very few buyers look in newspapers or leave the search entirely up to their agents anymore. Buyers spend A LOT of time looking up properties online. Whether or not your space catches their eye makes a world of difference.

The other half of the battle is how it makes them feel once they come to see it. Sure, online staging is an option that’s gaining traction. But it doesn’t help create the feeling of home when buyers walk into an empty condo.

Home staging is a huge component of my listing process.

The Home Staging Process

  • Declutter

    Buyers can’t see themselves and their things in a space where they see you and your things. Decluttering is not just cleaning up. It is bringing it down to. The. Bare. Minimum.

    Think of it as packing early! Pack up all of your non-essentials and leave only your day-to-day.

  • Depersonalize

    This includes family photos, kid’s art, diplomas, religious items (if my Reverend client could do it, so can you!) and really anything else that shows you live there.

    They might KNOW you live there… but they don’t actually want to see you living there. They want to imagine themselves there instead!

  • Neutralize

    A little bit of colour adds happiness. But when it comes to selling, a neutral palette is best.

    A neutral space is a blank slate for buyers to create the home they want. Colour that doesn’t reflect their vision just adds to their to do list and is a checked box in the wrong column for you as a seller.

    That doesn’t mean all colour is eliminated – but it’s saved for small ticket items like artwork or a fun yellow kettle.

  • Clean

    You may have done everything on my recommendations list, but if the stove is still caked with food or the shower has hair collecting around the drain, it won’t feel like home for buyers.

    Professional cleaners will notice the daily dirt and grime we tend to overlook. Hiring professionals will also release a bit of the burden. If you’ve completed the full recommendations list, I’ll even pay for it!

  • Stage!

    Enter my team of professionals ready to transform your space!

C The Difference - Staged Interiors By Christina

Interior design is a passion. I have no credentials but a whole lot of love for it.
When it comes to leases and small stages, usually I ride solo. For full property listings there is no one I trust more than C The Difference – Staged Interiors by Christina!

  • full warehouse of supplies (a.k.a my happy place)
  • rotating inventory with seasons and trends
  • decor based on the property itself, not just inventory
  • she stages to create HOME, not just a house with furniture
Creating Home - Before and After Lara Stasiw West Toronto Real Estate
Creating Home - Before
Creating Home - After
Creating Home - Before
Creating Home - After

I’m hoping you can guess which is which…


With me, you don’t pay out of pocket to stage or showcase your home!

Both are always included in my listing packages. The extent of staging varies based on what listing package you choose and your home’s requirements.

I even include a showcase leases for my repeat clients!


I will put together a list of suggestions at our initial listing meeting. Once I see a property, I gauge the work that needs to be done.

Depending on your listing package, a full detailed staging report may be provided by C-The Difference Staged Interiors.


It varies based on the property. Vacant properties can be staged in a few days – subject to availability. Full homes can take months to properly prepare for sale.

If you’re considering selling, it’s never too early to inquire about what’s ahead for you!


I go over the details of my listing packages in my listing presentation.

Home staging components can vary from a few decor items to a full stage including rental furniture and decor.

Everyday Life

It’s not easy living in a space you’re trying to sell. Vacant properties are always the preference. If there’s somewhere else you’re able to stay, even for the first few days your property is on the market, do it.

This isn’t always possible. It’s not even the norm – but it’s definitely the preference for everyone.

We want your property to be in top shape for showings. Void of the smells of cooking or condensation from showers… We want to approve all showing requests on a whim if we have to.

Everyday life won’t be easy – but it’ll be worth it!

Tenanted Properties

The extent of listing preparation will unfortunately be up to your tenants. Sometimes tenants are happy and excited for a change in decor and a few updates; they even ask for tips.

Other times, tenants don’t want to even clean their cat’s litter for showings and there’s not much we can do.

In an ideal world, listings would be vacant.

Listing Details

Creating home doesn’t end here. Preparing to list is only the first step.

  • Photos & Virtual Tour

    I always hire a professional photographer – even for lease listings. For all sales I also include a full interactive 3D virtual tour and custom property video (not just a slideshow!)

    Online presence is vital. Having a great space without showing it to the world doesn’t do anything.

  • Property Video

    This isn’t just a walkthrough slideshow of photos but a full custom curated video made with a gimbo and even a drone (if the property calls for it!). And I promise I don’t pick lazy elevator music!

  • Floor Plans

    There’s nothing worse than looking at property photos and being confused by the layout. Sometimes that 2D visual is what someone needs to put everything into perspective.

  • Interactive 3D Virtual Tour

    I’ve sold properties strictly off of these tours without the buyer stepping foot inside. The Matterport system even has a dollhouse feature showing a cross-section of the property and allows you to take measurements.

  • Open Houses

    Enter my team of professionals ready to transform your space!

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