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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the rental market in GTA can be a daunting task to take on alone.

I’m not an agent that shies away from rentals because of low commission. Whether you are a buyer client, seller client or a rental client, you are my client. You will receive my full attention & services, guaranteed!

I encourage you to look at my Buying and Selling pages for the full list of services I provide – they will also apply to my Landlord and Tenant clients.


I take the same steps to list your property for lease as I would if it were a sale. There are no shortcuts. I set the bar high and establish a relationship built on integrity with your new tenants.


You don’t pay a THING as a tenant to use the professional help of a Realtor. So why not have someone on your side? I don’t stop until we find you a home – not just a rental.

Know Your Rights

I will help you navigate the legalities of renting and your rights under the Residential Tenancies Act.


A daunting task. There is A LOT of it regardless of whether you are a landlord or tenant. I will go through all of it in detail and even have checklists to make sure my tenant clients are organized prior to finding the perfect place – no scrambling necessary!

Clauses & Tenancy Terms

I have a full list of clauses that I use when listing a property for lease and another for my tenants. I make sure every detail is thought out so there is no confusion down the line. Making sure you are protected is my top priority.

Personal Note

The rental process is very impersonal. Tenants provide personal details without knowing their landlord. Landlords accepts tenants without knowing who they are. I encourage landlords to write a personal note to their future tenants that I frame when listing a property for lease. I encourage tenants to include a personal note with all offers.


I offer free staging services for all of my Landlord clients that have previously used my services, either for buying or selling. If a property is currently tenanted, this can be limited based on tenant allowances.

Photos & Floor Plans

I don’t take wonky iPhone photos. To attract quality you must provide quality. I hire a professional photographer for my lease listings. I know I’m in the vast minority of real estate agents providing this service at no additional cost. For me, it’s a must.

Interactive 3D Virtual Tour

I provide a full service package to my landlord clients if they are also past clients. Providing an interactive 3D virtual tour is an add-on available for new clients. There are certain times where the online presence it provides is unmatched.

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