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Posted by Lara Stasiw on November 21, 2019
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Selling During The Holidays

Selling During The Holidays Lara Stasiw Real Estate Blog

You often hear of the busy Spring and Fall markets. That doesn’t mean selling during the holidays is forbidden or can’t be the right move for you. Maybe you’ve already purchased your new dream home and now is the only time to get your property up!

If you’re putting your property up for sale in November or December, not to worry. I’ve come prepared with a few key tips to keep in mind!

Curb Appeal

Selling during the holiday season in Toronto means the leaves have fallen and there may be snow. Curb appeal is always important since it’s the first impression potential buyers have of your property. Luscious trees and manicured lawns add to that in summer. Without added greenery, you’ll have to put more effort in during the holidays!

Make sure fallen leaves and debris are cleared away. Have urns with greenery transforming the entrance. Keep it neutral and don’t go overboard, but create a welcoming exterior that makes your guests want to explore more.

Snow Removal

More times than one I’ve taken clients to a showing a day or two after a heavy snowfall and there’s no cleared access. Yes, we could trudge through the long winding driveway to the door. Yes, I could dig to find the lock box. Ultimately, it’s up to my client whether that’s something they want to do. 90% of the time they’ll walk away and forget about the property. Most of the time we don’t come back but move on to the next one.

Don’t let this be you! Shovel the driveway. Create a pathway. Hire someone to do it!


Keep it festive, but not overdone. Decor that is too large or busy will crowd the home and distract the buyer. It’s always best to de-personalize your space. The holiday’s are a religious time for many, but you should refrain from having decor with religious themes.

A Cozy Escape

There’s nothing like that first step inside a cozy home, filled with winter warmth. Have the gas fireplace lit, put on some relaxing music, have a diffuser burning a neutral fragrance. Little details make a big difference when your guests open the door from blustering winds to the retreat you’ve created. Small cozy details allow potential buyers to make a connection. You create an instant emotional bond allowing them to envision living in the space. There’s no better time to do that when everyone outside is looking for a cozy place to warm up!

Hire A Reliable Agent

The season is a busy one for everyone, your real estate agent included. Interview & hire someone who not only connects with you, sees your vision and has credentials. Hire someone committed to working just as hard now as they would during the busy Spring market. This will help ease your stress. Maybe it’ll even allow you some down time to enjoy the season despite the busy selling process.

Happy Selling!

Lara Stasiw • Real Estate Agent & Home Design Connoisseur

Lara Stasiw West Toronto Real Estate Blog

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