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Whether you’re buying, selling or renting my approach is the same. I create home.

What the heck does that mean? Well, I’ll tell you.

We often rely on our feelings, especially with important comforts like home. You might not know why, but a space just doesn’t feel right.
When the right one comes along, it’s the same thing. You might not be able to describe why or put your finger on it – but it just feels like the one.
That’s the feeling I strive to create with my processes. The feeling of home; for everyone.

For sellers • I’m not creating that feeling for you, but for potential buyers (although you might get it too!) It’s a long process for me AND for you. Be ready.
For buyers • I wait until you have that feeling. I carefully work to curate a clear picture and ease the process by listening to your wants and needs. We don’t stop until that feeling is there.
For rentals • the goals are the exact same.

Thinking of Selling - Lara Stasiw Real Estate


I can’t control how other agents will present your home to potential buyers. I CAN control their first impression. My goal is to create that feeling I talk about above for every. single. person.

Pair that with some superb marketing, and we’re golden!

I’m not easy on you. If you want your house to appeal to the greatest pool of potential buyers then you don’t want me to be. Be prepared! You’re going to be SO proud you won’t want to leave.

I promise there’s fun and excitement to be had too! 


Home should be a safe haven for everyone. It’s a space everyone deserves. Until you get that feeling (you know the one!) my job isn’t done.

I won’t sell you a home, but help you buy one (sorry – typical real estate line, but it’s true!). Buying a home isn’t always a quick or easy task and that’s okay. It’s not supposed to be!

It’s important to work with someone you feel connected to and who sees your vision.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or seasoned investor, I’ll be a trusted real estate advisor, design guru and committed to finding you a home.

Looking To Buy - Lara Stasiw Real Estate


Renting is more than just finding a place to live; it should be finding home. It’s also forming a relationship. 

I don’t shy away from rentals because of the typical answer – low commission. I’m in real estate to help people find home and that applies to everyone.

Landlords • Expect proper marketing and personal touches to attract your ideal tenant. This is a long term relationship for you that I don’t take lightly!

Tenants • You don’t pay a THING to hire a real estate agent. Landlords pay commissions – so why do it alone? There’s no downside to having your own representation and someone on your side.
I’m not going to show you only 5 properties and make you pick.
We’re finding you a home.

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