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Posted by Lara Stasiw on December 12, 2019
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The Gift Of Experience: Minimalist Gift Ideas


Another decor piece from Home Sense? No thanks.
While I love home decor, I’m very particular. I’ve got everything I need; everything I want.
I don’t need more “things.” Most people don’t!

So what else do you get someone if you’re not getting them a “thing”?
How can you help keep others’ homes clutter free while still giving a gift?

I’ve put together a list of ideas for you!


I love the gift of experience for many reasons. People remember emotions; how something made them feel. Being at a concert or a musical will bring me more authentic fulfillment than a new sweater or blanket.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou
  • Plays or Musicals
  • Spa Day
  • Sports Game
  • Adventure Day
    Ski Day, Zip-Lining, Skating, Indoor Skydiving (the list is endless!)
  • Wine Tour – Bar Hop
  • Escape Room
    (great as a family or friend group gift!)
  • Mini Getaway
    (or a big getaway if it’s in the budget!)

If you know someone is already going away, look up things to do at their destination. Buy them an experience to do while on vacation!

It’s always a good idea to make sure the date(s) selected works for the person you’re gifting an experience. No choice or notice could cause stress or tension, taking away from the point of the gift of experience. Ask them to block off a date without giving details if you’re worried about this! The suspense will get some excitement building early on…



Pretty much everyone’s said “there’s just not enough time in the day.” Sometimes the best gift is giving someone more time to do the things they actually want to do. So, get them the gift of having someone else do the things they don’t want to do!

  • House Cleaner
  • Professional Home Organizer
    (organization increases efficiency & improves ones’ mindset)
  • Babysitter
  • Meal Delivery
  • Pet Grooming
  • Interior Designer
    (I can help with this!)

Classes and Memberships

For the one whose always open to learning & trying new things!
Buy a class or series of classes just for them, or join in on the fun!

  • Lettering or Calligraphy
  • Paint Nite / Plant Nite
  • Floral Workshop
    learn to make center pieces, bouquets or even a holiday wreath!
  • iPhone App Making
  • Photography
  • Bartending
  • Custom Makeup Classes
    (Lip Lab by BITE is something I really want to try in Toronto!)
  • Wine!
    (classes to make wine, monthly delivery memberships to try new wines!)
  • Kid’s Museum or Theme Park
  • Fitness Membership
    local gym, hot yoga, boot camp, cycling, boxing
  • Weekly Food Delivery

It’s always good to make sure the class or membership is something the recipient actually wants or will use.



Consumables are always my go to! Well, mostly candles & wine…
Gifting consumables means still giving a “something” without it being a forever gift (turned clutter).
Your biggest worry is whether they prefer vanilla or lavender. Matching home decor doesn’t matter!

Consumables make great hostess gifts. They work perfectly for people you don’t know well enough to buy something more intimate.

  • Candles
  • Wine or Other Alcohol
  • Flowers
  • Cocktail Mixes
  • Home Baked Goods
    (or from a local baker if you’re not a baker!)

Wrapping A Gift Of Experience

If you’re worried the gift of experience won’t give your special someone something to open, you’re wrong! Any of these ideas can still be wrapped.

Have your concert tickets mailed to you, put them in a box to wrap!
Buy cellophane to wrap around a floral arrangement then put it in a bag to be opened.
Print off an email confirmation of a class pass & wrap it in a huge box to throw off the person receiving it!

Consumables make great hostess gifts. They work perfectly for people you don’t know well enough to buy something more intimate.

What about a day trip or vacation?
Here’s a cute idea for you!

Type out a special note outlining your plan (or inviting the recipient on a surprise if you don’t want to give out details.) Print it on card stock so it’s got some substance. Bind it, staple it, hole punch & bind with ribbon, decorate it if it’s only a one sheet kind of plan! Write a packing list for them if it’s appropriate. Use your imagination!

Wrap your experience details in a bag or a box like you would any other gift. Maybe buy them an item you know they’ll need for the trip & wrap that along with your note!

Voila! A wrapped experience I guarantee will be received with big smiles & a happy heart.

The gift of experience creates a memory. It is bonding time, it is emotion, it is (hopefully) happiness & fulfillment!

Do you have any other unique ideas to add to the list???

Lara Stasiw • Real Estate Agent & Home Design Connoisseur

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